Input Devices

শিক্ষালয় ওয়েবসাইটের পক্ষ থেকে নিয়মিত কম্পিউটার সম্পর্কিত বিবিধ তথ্য প্রদান করা হয়ে থাকে। আজকে আমরা আলোচনা করবো কম্পিউটারের বিবিধ Input Devices সম্পর্কে। এই Input Devices আমাদের নিত্য-নৈমিত্তিক কম্পিউটারের বিবিধ কার্যাবলী পরিচালনায় আমাদের পরিশ্রমকে লাঘব করে আমাদের সহায়তা প্রদান করে।  

Input Devices:

             Input is the process of entering and translating incoming data into machine readable form so that they can be processed by the Computer. An Input device is a peripheral device through which data are entered and transformed into machines readable form. For example: Keyboard, Scanner etc.

      Following are few of the important input devices, which are used in computer systems:

  1. Keyboard:

             Most common and very popular input device is keyboard. The keyboard helps in inputting the data to the computer. The layout of the keyboard is like that of traditional typewriter, although there are some additional keys provided for performing some additional functions.

  1. Mouse:

             Mouse is most popular pointing device. It is a very famous cursor-control device. It is a small palm size box with a round ball at its base which senses the movement of mouse and sends corresponding signals to CPU on pressing the buttons.


  1. Joystick:

             Joystick is also a pointing device, which is used to move cursor position on a monitor screen. It is a stick having a spherical ball at its both lower and upper ends. The lower spherical ball moves in a socket. The Joystick can be moved in all four directions.

শিক্ষালয়ের সাথে ফেসবুকে যুক্ত হতে এই লিঙ্কে ক্লিক/টাচ করতে হবে 


  1. Light Pen:

             Light Pen is a pointing device, which is similar to a pen. It is used to select a displayed menu item or draw picture on the monitor screen. It consists of a photocell and an optical system placed in a small tube.


  1. Track Ball:

             Track Ball is an input device that is mostly used in notebook or laptop computers, instead of a mouse. This is a ball, which is half inserted and by moving fingers on ball, pointer can be moved.


  1. Microphone:

             Microphone is an input device to input sound that is then stored in digital form. The microphone is used for various applications like adding sound to a multimedia presentation or for mixing music.

সাধারণ জ্ঞান MCQ প্রশ্নের অনলাইন কুইজে অংশগ্রহণ করতে এই লিঙ্কে ক্লিক/টাচ করতে হবে 


  1. Magnetic Ink Card Reader (MICR):

             MICR input device is generally used in banks because of a large number of cheques to be processed every day. The bank’s code number and cheque number are printed on the cheese with a special type of ink that contains particles of magnetic material that are machine readable.


  1. Optical Character Reader (OCR):

             OCR is an input device used to read a printed text. OCR scans text optically character by character, converts them into a machine readable code and stores the text on system memory.


  1. Bar Code Readers:

             Bar Code Reader is a device used for reading bar coded data (Data in from of light and dark lines). Bar Code data is generally used in labelling goods, numbering the books etc.


  1. Optical Mark Reader (OMR):

             OMR is a special type of optical scanner used to recognize the type of mark made by pen or pencil. It is used where one out of a few alternatives is to be selected and marked. It is specially used for checking the answer sheets of examinations having multiple choice questions.

কম্পিউটার সম্পর্কিত অন্যান্য আলোচনাগুলি দেখতে এই লিঙ্কে ক্লিক/টাচ করতে হবে 

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